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Economical and cost-effective ducted air conditioning systems are A4Air's specialty.

These tips will also help to minimise your energy bills and ensure your air conditioner runs efficiently...


  • The most cost-efficient temperature for your air conditioner is around 24°C in summer and 20°C in winter. Even 1 degree higher or lower will increase your running costs.
  • It is best to run your system on Cool or Heat, not Auto.
  • Air filters should be cleaned gently at least every 3 months with a soft vacuum cleaner head or brush or washed with water and dried before replacing. In ducted systems the filter is located behind the large grille in your ceiling.
  • Close all windows, external doors, and doors to areas not being air conditioned to ensure your system operates properly and cost-effectively. It is highly advisable to close blinds and curtains to shade against the sun during the day too.
  • It is important to have your home air conditioner serviced by a professional every 12 months to prolong its life, increase the efficiency and air quality, and to ensure any warranty remains valid.



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